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What’s Up?!

H Tasting Lounge

Your vessel to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Share a taste and unwind seaside with creative cocktails complemented by share plates enhanced by the bounty of the Vancouver seafood scene. Rakic Creative designed and developed a custom website to fulfil all the needs of a trendy restaurant.

February 19th, 2020


Qualex-Landmark has been building amazing boutique experiences for homeowners for over 20 years. To compliment their extensive portfolio, Rakic Creative has designed and developed a brand new website to showcase their method and approach, all the communities they’ve built and a dedicated homeowners care section which will delight all.

August 8th, 2019

Conconi Family Foundation

Conconi’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals throughout British Columbia by supporting organizations in the areas of health, social services and education. My mission is to give them an awesome new website design along with a new visual brand to make them more accessible to more people.

June 24th, 2019


Having been around for over 5 years, MedRecords was in need of a new website to take their business to the next level. I spearheaded the project with my designer and developer hat and produced a site with tremendous CMS power in the backend and intuitive UX on the frontend. Getting your records just got a whole lot easier.

September 3rd, 2018


Hi, I’m Alex!
I live and work (and play)
in Vancouver, Canada. Currently in
the Advertising Industry, I specialize in graphic
design, interface design, web development, and
user experience. Having spent 5+ years in an agency
environment, I have been part of many big
projects and team dynamics.
Right now, I work on contract basis.

In my spare time, you can find me chasing
around balls on a tennis court or hitting them
away on the golf course. Thanks for visiting
and I hope to be working
with you soon!


Less is More
the Minimalistic Approach

Chipping pieces away as
opposed to adding more is
quite a passion within a
passion for me.


Plain text isn't the only
way to convey information, yet many fall into this trap.
Thankfully there's

UX Matters

Behind all the aesthetics,
the user experience is a
major force and it's at the
forefront of (almost)
every decision made.

Craft is an Art

No one will dispute that
big picture vision is critical, but what about all the details that make up
the big picture?

Scalable and
Modular Design

Taking into consideration future applications of my work, there's the right
way and lazy way
to do things.



Expertise comes in many forms, but mine is in the way of
helping you achieve your unique brand and style to ensure you
communicate your message in more engaging ways.


  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Interface Design + Build
  • Multi Language Integration
  • Multi Device Responsive Approach
  • Server + Domain + Email Setup
  • Social Media Graphics


  • Logo + Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines Package
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures + Booklets + Invites
  • Banners + Ads + Posters
  • Sales Materials
  • Stationary Materials


Alex Rakic has been absolutely phenomenal in helping build and launch the educational website Be Smart, Don’t Choke! Alex quickly grasped the scope and importance of the project. Alex put all of his considerable talents into the project, down to the smallest of details.

Even though I don’t have a computer background, Alex was able to clearly explain how to use the WordPress website editing program, so that I could make most of text edits myself. When time pressures required that I ask Alex to make some somewhat more complex edits, Alex happily took these edits on; and usually within minutes, Alex sent me an email to let me know that the task had been accomplished.

Alex is a complete professional. As this website is being prepared for translation and global dissemination, I have full confidence in Alex to continue to steer it in the right direction.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Ludemann, MDCM, FRCSC
Pediatric Otolaryngology, BC Children's Hospital

We worked with Alex Rakic on several web sites and he did a fantastic job on each. Alex is a true professional and a pleasure to work: he knows how to obtain the requirements a client has in mind without overburdening them with questions and is able to deliver complex, well-designed working solutions under strict deadlines. He is also able to adapt the proposed solutions very quickly to match the client’s expectations and usually, exceed them by a significant margin.

All of these qualities make Alex a top professional whom I strongly recommend — if your goal is to obtain top of the line results that look and feel great on projects that you care about, Alex is your choice.

Professor Dr. Martin Vechev
ETH Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Limited time.
Limited budget.
And, a finicky client.

For most, this would be an issue. Not for Alex. Calm, cool and collected, he delivered. With the project in his hands, I always felt like everything was under control. He delivered. On time, on budget, and above expectations.

I will be using Rakic Creative again for future projects.

Sefu Bernard
Basketball Teacher-Coach

Alex is a superstar! I’ve said this to him 6 years ago and I continue to vehemently stand by my word. I have had the privilege of being his instructor for several courses during my tenure at Capilano University. From day one, he set himself apart from all the other students based on his maturity, leadership abilities, willingness to help others, attention to details and eagerness to learn and excel in whatever the task at hand — no matter how minute.

After graduation, he remained true to his personae and work ethic. He continued to build upon his skills and talent, but at an unbelievably accelerated pace. As a result, I can say — without any hesitation — that the quality of his work is on par with some of the top interactive designers in the country. But more importantly, his level of professionalism, integrity, and pride is what sets him apart and above the rest. I look forward to the day when I see his name recognized around the world as a leader in this industry. That way I can proudly say, “I knew him when he first started”, and be the first to buy stocks in his company!

Susana Lo, Sulo Creative

We began working with Alex with less than two months to the planned relaunch of our brand. We were looking for someone to deliver a functional site that could creatively reflect our services and experiences with style.

With a limited budget and aggressive timeline Alex delivered designs ahead of schedule and with great thought and understanding of our end goal. He is a true web partner in every sense of the word.

Katie Reiach, Principal & Co-Founder, Talk Shop Media

Alex was a dream to work with. He was so co-operative, understanding, and fantastic at communication; I never had any doubt of his commitment to my very specific vision for the project. He produced a website and logo completely in sync with my desires — in fact it often seemed like he understood what I wanted better than I did! Nevertheless, at every step along the way he was always eager to ensure he was making decisions that met my approval.

My vision for the site was quite complex, with an elaborate organization of text and graphical elements. Much to my surprise, Alex was not only able to create such a design, but make the back end CMS of the site extremely easy and intuitive to manage and update. A true tribute to his unique talents.

JJ McCullough
The Canada Guide

I hired Alex Rakic to design and build a brand new website for The River Club. Alex captured all the elements I required. The website is smartly designed, comprehensively informational and captures the feel and community spirit of The River Club. Alex is a detail-focused, accommodating individual that is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and wonderful to work with.

Since the website launch, I have hired Alex to design a company business card for a new venture. Needless to say, I was impressed yet again by his creative abilities, professional nature and commitment to my satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a skillfully intuitive designer and programmer that will ensure your needs are met, talk to Alex.

Vania Wong, Marketing Consultant, The River Club

Alex was a pleasure to work with, his skills in design are matched in excellence by his customer service. He was able to share the vision of my brand and provide solid creative design input.

Alex’s confidence in creation balanced well with his ability to deliver on schedule. I would highly recommend Alex’s services to anyone that wants a job well done and on time.

Tim Loubier, DP / Producer / Project Manager
Corner Wave Media

I was feeling the need for an overhaul of the brand identity and direction of my photography business, so I knew I needed to contact Alex immediately. He had previously designed a simple yet effective WordPress site and logo for me and I knew that I could trust him to provide again. This time around I was looking for something fresh, modern, simple, and clean that would showcase my photographs, and Alex delivered! He was able to create a logo and website that really resonated with my style.

I highly recommend Alex. He is the right choice if you are looking for a professional designer who is very efficient, mindful of a tight budget, and can deliver a finished product in a timely manner.

Spencer Kovats, Spencer Kovats Photography

Not only is Alex exceptional at all he does from helping his clients with original unique brand identity to building his outstanding intuitive websites… Alex has the one quality you can’t teach or fake; he cares! He honors his word, but what really makes Alex stand out is he cares about the client, his work, and for those who’ll be viewing and experiencing his finished product… In a world of so-so’s, Alex is a refreshing original who’s a joy to do business with!

Michael Rullo, Author
Calgary, Canada

We have really enjoyed working with Alex and appreciated his creativity and professionalism. It is difficult to find someone who has the qualities of a good designer, and efficient programmer and an organized/on-time contractor. Alex more than delivers.

Caroline Lewko, CEO, Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)

It is a great pleasure to work with Alex. His ability to do graphic design work combined with html coding is much appreciated. He is very professional and has no problem starting from scratch on a design when my vision goes in a different direction from his.

Alex has never missed a promised completion time/date and has rescued me more than once when urgent changes were required at the last minute.

Teresa Ostman, VP Marketing & Partnerships
Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)

I have worked with Alex Rakic for several great years while I was the Studio Director for Cowie and Fox and continue to work with him as a contractor at my new company Noel Fox Inc. Alex is very organized and builds great web sites, he is also easy to work with and completes his projects on time and on budget.

Having spent considerable time with Alex both at work and on the tennis court, where he continually kicks my butt, I can confidently say that he is a fun and likeable person who knows how to balance work and play just right. Alex is a great guy and I highly recommend him for all of your web building needs.

Noel Fox, Noel Fox, Inc.


Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

– Joe Sparano

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