SIREWALL is Stabilized Insulated Rammed Earth. For thousands of years, civilizations have been building with rammed earth. Secured wooden forms, filled with damp earth were compacted to create stable walls that have lasted several lifetimes.

Back in 2007, Cowie and Fox designed a site for SIREWALL that stood out for its earthy look and feel just like if you were in a SIREWALL home. Fast-forward to today and we recommedned that SIREWALL would do well with an upgrade to their site. While keeping the same established look of the site, we opted to upgrade the site in areas such as adding a CMS system, expanding the real estate of pages, connecting with social media, and optimizing for best SEO and web practices, among other things. The client was super satisfied.

Completed: July 2010
Focus: Design, Interactive, Rebuild, WordPress
Client: Sirewall

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Home Page Home Page

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News and Media Page News and Media Page